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Er werd een Information Security Program Director - Healthcare SaaS gevraagd...25 juli 2016

If I'm available to speak the next day.

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Same thing here...

I said that I was absolutely happy to speak the next which I didn't hear a word back for a week. Minder


Why did the job as a public relations specialist end?

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Position ran out of money


Q: Tell us about how you work with local sales account managers?

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I told them that as the Prof Services lead, the account is there and that I work with the account team to achieve success. The account team knows more about the political environment than I would and the sale credits their numbers. It's a team effort. Minder

Brookdale Senior Living

Tell me about a time when you had a problem with an internal/external customer and how did you handle it and what was the result?

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You have to provide very specific examples for the targeted selection process and you must provide the following in your answer(s): 1. the situation, 2. what you did to resolve the situation and 3. the outcome in order to get 3 stars for each question presented to you. You must receive all 3 stars in order to get credit for that interview question. They choose which candidates move forward in the interview process based on how many stars they get during the interview process. Minder


Tell me about yourself?

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I went into a brief cap over my life history. Starting with my USAF experience then went into my education and job experience background. Minder


What challenges are you looking for in this position?

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Next I discussed what challenges I was going to expect. I gave examples of what challenges have motivated me in the past and how I've had the ability to effectively meet challenges and deadlines. Also what skills I have to allow me to be so flexible that's necessary to help me handle any challenging jobs. I also described specific events in which I overcame certain challenges and what goals I met and achieved in past projects I've worked on. Minder

Johnson & Johnson

What do you think you can contribute based on your previous working experience

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My experience enables me to effectively bring a value proposition to life through evidence generation, internal alignment, and leadership. Minder


Where did I see myself in 5 years

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Hint: their workforce takes pride in their longevity at the company which is why they scrutinize so heavily. Be sure you're the committed kind. Minder

OSI Systems

There were no difficult or technical questions.

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