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Compass Group
Er werd een General Manager - Healthcare gevraagd...4 januari 2019

Will you agree to work 12 hrs/day and 6-7 days/week with no overtime pay until we fill the vacant positions?

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Compass Group is a sweat shop and turnover is very high.

Huron Consulting Group

How did I feel about working with new college grads and mentoring them.

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I would be willing to mentor new grads.

Samsung Electronics America

Had to give a presentation to the panel on: Presentation topic: Create a customized 30 minute presentation outlining the following areas • Enterprise Market demand for Smartphones and Tablets (consider both Corporate Liable and BYOD)** • Overview of Samsung’s mobile portfolio including SAFE (Samsung Approved For Enterprise) • The value of Samsung and SAFE to a Named Account of your choice • Potential use cases and pilot opportunities • Proposed engagement models (consider alternative revenue and funding concepts to offset cost of devices) **Make sure to highlight areas of challenge and opportunity for enterprise customers. Also, offer potential solutions (at the highest level) to address the challenges. Please be prepared to answer questions regarding the features of Samsung’s smartphones and tablets including SAFE, the go to market strategy and the proposed opportunity engagement process. Audience: The 'Interview Team' that will be in attendance will represent what would normally be encountered in a typical Named Account meeting - CIO/CTO, IT Services etc. Goal: Educate the prospective customers on the Samsung’s Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab, Safe and KNOX, propositions (why should the named account company want to buy Samsung products) and outline a clear engagement/support model for near and long-term opportunities.

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You don't want my answer because my presentation missed the mark.


Why did the job as a public relations specialist end?

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Position ran out of money

Managed Care Advisors

Many standard interview questions. Went over my background and how it was applicable to the position.

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I answered all questions to the best of my ability. My second interview with the VP was strange. She was arrogant, bothered and extremely unfriendly and unwelcoming. Her hair looked like a birds nest. I left hoping that MCA would never call me if I were lucky! Minder

West Monroe

Please see my overview.

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Please see my overview.


Would you be interested in this position?

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SER Jobs for Progress National

What is your experience in Healthcare Policy

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I explained that my background is not in Healthcare specifically, but my other experience is strong enough to fulfill the needs of the position. They seemed satisfied with that Minder

SER Jobs for Progress National

How do you manage difficult subordinates?

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1:1 meetings, immediate redirection and open dialogue

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