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Er werd een Industrial Design Manager gevraagd...8 juni 2021

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?


The majority of the questions were boilerplate. Like I said in the Interview Process section, there weren't any deep questions and this was with a panel of designers and the hiring manager. The questions were based on my design portfolio where they asked questions to the products showcased within in. Basically like, "Did you design that fitness wearable?" I'm thinking to myself, "Uh....yeah. Why else would I have it in my design portfolio." Of course I didn't say that - instead, I walked them through the design, materials, features and manufacturing process. Other than that, other questions briefly dealt with my past experience and how many people I managed. They were nice people - especially the hiring manager; however, I didn't feel that they 'got' the design and usability testing process that I was laying out for them.


What trajectory would you like your career to follow?

Amazon Lab126

What have I done that I didn't have time to plan for? What simple thing have I done that made a huge positive difference?

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