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Er werd een Junior BI Analyst gevraagd...13 oktober 2014

Why do underground stations have three times more exits than entrances? 4 people want to cross a river. You have one barge that can hold no more than two passengers at a time. The first passenger rows at such speed that it takes him 1 min to cross the river. It takes the second 2 min, the third 5 min and the fourth 10 min. When there are two people in the barge, the slowest rower determines the speed at which they cross the river. What is the shortest amount of time in which you can get all 4 people to cross the river?

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To expand on the 17 min: 2 and 1 go = 2 min -- 2 is on other side 1 comes back = 1 min 10 and 5 go = 10 min -- 10 and 5 is on other side 2 comes back = 2 min 2 and 1 goes = 2 min -- 2 and 1 now also on other side 2+1+10+2+2 = 17 Minder

Nope. 19 is correct. First trip: The 10 min rower and the 1 min rower. 10 min to go, 1 min to come back (11 min) Second trip: 1 min rower and 5 min rower. 5 min to go, 1 min to come back (17 min) Third trip: 1 min rower and 2 min rower. 2 min to go (19 min total) If you needed to think this in a different way, the slowest rower available for crossing must always be in the boat with the fastest (since there would be no point in adding another slow rower since they would add extra time on the way back). Minder

17 min is right: 2+1+10+2+2 = 17

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How many riders do you need for a certain amount of orders.

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Operational and mathematical analysis.


Why I wanted the job

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It fits in with my career ambitions and I see it leading to somewhere I want to be! Minder

Bell Canada

Tell us the most challenging task?

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Talked about my previous project in details


Hobbies, work experience, motivation, future, strengths and weaknesses

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What would you do if you don't understand data, but have to respond urgently in a meeting? What is important in the workplace for you Tell how you know this skill and how did you use? (skills written in a resume)


Previous experience...

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What can you do regarding the position?

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What is the previous experience?


Did you hear about Comarch? Imagine the case... What is BI? What is database etc. ?

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