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Er werd een Junior Buyer gevraagd...10 augustus 2021

How would you prioritize the requests?

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I hope good priority will be given to the rest is my destiny

It's up to you

Restaurant Depot

Why RD?

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Friend recommended

because they do well in industry of


How Trivago makes their money and Pros and cons of digital x terrestrial channels for a campaign (I think those were the only specific question). The rest were open questions such as accomplishments in your work experience, how do you organize your work/tasks, what you like doing or dislike doing, etc.

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Heyy can u please tell how much time they took to respond back to you after each interview? Minder

Around 2-4 days in between rounds , and 7-8 day to receive an offer

Diamond Systems

How do you consider your spelling ability?

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They don't hope you make typo, but I think it has nothing to do with spelling ability Minder


ask about hobbies, they seem to think highly on the team aspect of hobbies.

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not well, dont play sports

National Grid

I was asked two questions, one pertaining to procurement and how it may add value to the company as well as its customers, and the other about what I knew about National Grid.

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I answered the question about the value creation potentials of the procurement function very well, and the interviewer was satisfied with my response. The answers I provided for the second question were apparently very general, and not detailed enough. Minder


What are your strengths/ weaknesses?

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Sales experience

Motorola Mobility

Tienes experiencia en negociación con proveedores y como lo comprobarías

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Si, y di estadísticas de ahorro, que mi filosofía es ganar ganar y que no siempre el precio dicta la eleccion, tienen que ver más actores como tiempos de entrega y calidad Minder


Why Carpetright? Asked me to work out a margin

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My interest in interiors and home improvements has attracted me to this role.


How would a friend describe you?

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easy-going, organized, enthusiastic

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