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Er werd een Junior Publicist gevraagd...4 februari 2017

Why do you want to work in Public Relations?

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Cite a recent incident that happened to a celebrity and how public relations played a role in this. Minder

NBC Sports Group

Explain your prior background

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Why do you want this job

Crowd PR

How many years have you worked in PR?

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1 year

Crowd PR

How many journalists do you have relationships with?

The Influence

Are you in contact or friends with any influencers looking to partner with brands ASAP? Like this weekend?

Lead Coverage

Tell me about yourself? Asked a lot about the ability to perform the job

It Girl Public Relations

Basic Interview questions. Depending on the person that interviews you, the interview could be chaotic and a bit unorganized so be prepared.

Crowd PR

What is the biggest media hit you've secured?

Eileen Koch & Company

Why do you want to do PR? (not the exact question but something along that line)

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