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Er werd een Sales Specialist Kitchen Designer gevraagd...29 april 2023

Difference between good customer service and very good customer service.

2 antwoorden

Very good customer service is when the customer is fully satisfied with want their expectations were so then they would become our regular customer. Minder

Good customer service reps will get the problem solved eventually. Great customer service reps will get it solved immediately, doing everything they can to remedy the problem at hand. Minder

Home Depot Canada

How would you approach and angry customer.

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S (situation) T (task) A (Action) R (resolution) #use the word deceleration

With patience, respecting and being effective to offer a solution to your concern. Minder

The Home Depot

Can you carry up to 40 pounds?

2 antwoorden

Yes. I'm in great shape and exercise all the time.

Hmmm, 40lbs? In the tile department, there are cases of tile weighing in around 70 lbs., and pallets of product you need to move with a pallet jack weighing in around 2000 or so (still heavy with a pallet jack). Minder

Brothers Services

Unexpected question: "How would your husband feel about you working here? Have you discussed it with him?"

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My answer: "Umm. We don't have a Ricky and Lucy marriage, so no, I did not ask his permission." Minder

Michael Nash Design

Can you take off you mask so I can see your face.

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I'm sorry there is a pandemic ,I am not willing to do that.

Harvey Jones Kitchens

What attracts you to this job in comparison to other jobs you have done?

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I used to be an architectural assistant and didn’t enjoy the fact that I wouldn’t see my design work being built until years time. I wanted to move on to the finer details and oversee the whole project. I have previously been a sales manager for a company that I thoroughly enjoyed the thrill of the sale. I wants Sri combine the satisfaction of a sale along with my design knowledge to create some really beautiful designs for peoples homes. Minder

Harvey Jones Kitchens

What was your hardest sell?

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With a recent example for a difficult wedding client which required a lot of persuasion Minder

Harvey Jones Kitchens

Why are you wanting to leave your current job?

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Tell me about yourself.

Harvey Jones Kitchens

I was asked about past experience and success stories

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I gave examples of my sales figures and past experiences with customers, I also talked about my passion for the role. Minder

Harvey Jones Kitchens

Tell me about your work history and how you arrived where you are...

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Gave a descriptive overview of my CV

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