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Zoveel mogelijk vragen over hoe problemen werden opgelost

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Steeds juist en correct

Wat verwacht je van een nieuwe functie?

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Er werd gepeild naar voorgaande ervaringen en welke elementen mij boeien in mijn huidige functie.

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Pourquoi avez-vous étudié le droit?

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What do you know about our firm? Are you willing to commute?

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Weaknesses and strengths, how I would react to a specific problem, shortly describe myself (character) and discuss the results from the test

Motivation and behavior Contract management Risk mitigation

Quelle serait la première chose que vous feriez si vous étiez engagée

The legal people asked about my background as they were preferably looking for someone with experience in the construction framework. However, most of the questions were 'soft-skills related'; is it a problem for you relocating? are you single? (and I'll leave up to you to decide on the appropriateness of this question) For The HR person the personality test was a mantra, something to have complete faith in. Every time, she used to refer to this test after I replied to her questions.

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