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Er werd een Operations and Logistics Manager gevraagd...13 maart 2014

From the in-person panel interviews: - Uber is opening up a city remotely (i.e. Milwaukee will be operated out of Chicago). How would you make the drivers in Milwaukee feel equal to the drivers in Chicago. This was maybe the worst, most vague question of them all. - Uber drops you in a new market (i.e. Oklahoma City) and says you have two weeks until we open here - go! What do you do? - Say an Uber black car driver makes $30/ride with a 20% commission. How do you convince him to upgrade to a new made up service UberSuper with a 25% commission? What costs will the driver incur in upgrading. How much more will he have to make each week, etc. Note: it's not enough to just walk them through mentally how you'd do this, be prepared to do the math on the fly. Very annoying. - An Uber competitor opens in your city with unlimited cash capital, if you were them how would you steal Uber's customers? If you were Uber how would you convince drivers not to leave?

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Antonio, Sandro - hope you guys get good luck ... check your email for some hot man-on-man adult newsletter signups. +1 No_Cheating! Minder

I confirm it is the same test... it is really hard..., thanks god I prepared before with.. try www.uber-analytical-test Minder

Anyone have any ideas on how uber makes drivers in Chicago and Milwaukee feel equal? Minder

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100 drivers apply to uber to be a driver. X percent does not have city knowledge, y of them miss their screening meetings, z of them did not passed background check and can apply in 6 months etc etc.. Base on listed constraints, how many of them can start with Uber?

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100-XUYUZ U= Union

The above answers are wrong. The answer is xUy. U=Union. You do not need city knowledge to drive for Uber. Minder

Correction above.... It's yUz where U=union.

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32 qs test

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can you please send the files to my id iitb.manish@gmail,com It will be great help. Thanks. Minder

Did anyone actually receive the file?

Hii, Can you please send the files to my id madhu.praveen123@gmail,com It will be great help. Thanks. Minder

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why are u the best candidate for this role?

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I presented the skills I have that are relevant to the role

I am 2005 to continue different power plant operation maintenance different generators cat cummins jan man turbine s 20 soft plant r o plant boiler chillers motors.... Minder

I have more than 12 years of experience in Supply Chin Management and the ability to manage efficiently, targets under pressure with self-determination and organization. Moreover, to learn new skills to further my career path, and make it more rewardable to my employer and me. I am confident that I can make a valuable contribution to your organization's future. Minder

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Harbor Freight Tools

How to handle a dissatisfied customer.

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Focus, listen and take notes of the actual issues. Read back to the customer to confirm you gave it right. Ask for “Is there anything else?” Keep writing until customer runs out of complaints, calms down, and feels heard and usually is now tired. Ask Customer how he/ she feels the situation should be resolved. Repeat back. Tell Cudtomer your range of authority to be able to approve what they want done. If I can do it and it’s reasonsble. I do it and do something extra asking if the extra thing would be valued. ( like 20% off next purchase) 2. If I can’t do what he/ she wants done, I explain why and come as close as possible. Get agreement and understanding. If he/ she doesn’t agree, offer to escalate to higher level - and point out time delay for hearing back and may not get a better resolution. Bottom line, when possible I try to provide a value added additional at 33% higher than expectation. Why - because bad news travels very fast. Great news goes viral these days. Yelp and other review sites can make a difference. At Harbor Freight Going the extra mile doesn’t have to be a high cost. One store had a guy come out from warehouse and assemble a replacement item because first box had missing parts. He saved me so much time and buying extra tools. That was four years ago. Do you know how many people I’ve told and repeated to and why I shop Harbor Freight? 15 minutes of effort and I bet I’ve brought the store thousands in sales. Minder

Apologize for whatever inconvenience was caused upon them and see if the manager could do anything about it Minder

Mainly just try to act with compassion in mind. After all, they may not be happy about something that has nothing to do with you at all. Minder

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Hestony Transport

Why do you want to work for our company?

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Because I was driving long distance and delivery experience

The job requirements for the company is marching to my qaulification

Histony It's my favourite company

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What's a town you hustled

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Can you clarify what the question?

Can you clarify the question?

Coursetake course was good. I used it for the test. Pretty cheap too.

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Are you ready to live and work in war zone - dangerous and hostile environment?

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Yes. I would like to work in war zone

Yes. I would like to work in war zone.

Yes i would like to work in warzone

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DynCorp International

Why did you leave your last company?

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Tata Consumer Products

How many work experience in logistics sector.

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I am asking that 4 year experiences as 2011.

I’m fresher


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