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How would you take care of the top management of a recently acquired company when they refuse to cooperate although it is clear that their current situation doesn't fit within AB Inbev's strategy ?

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Honestly didn't know what to say, just said something about firing and replacing them although that would have a bad impact on employee moral

I would schedule a face-to-face meeting with the management of that company. Meeting with them in person shows that they matter and that it is indeed important that they adapt themselves. At that meeting, I would point out that AB InBev's strategy is what made them rank among the top 5 consumer goods companies. I would argue that said strategy has proven to work (and give examples based on the quarterly or yearly reports).

If you have an employee who has reached his goal without a lot of effort and somebody who didn't reach his goals but worked really hard, how would you distribute the end-of-the-year bonus between these two employees in %?

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Would you move to the middle of nowhere if we asked you to?

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geef voorbeelden van situaties waar je in een leiderspositie hebt gezeten

20 questions (strenght based interview) spread over 30mins.

Are you a natural leader? / Some people are born to be leaders, are you?

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Why Supply Chain Management? How would you prioritise the KPIs in Supply Chain?

Waar ziet u zichzelf binnen 10 jaar? Waarom u voor Proximus kies (antwoorden in het Frans)

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