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Why did I choose A &O, and why this position?

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A &O is prestigious firm with integrity, don't work with firm who uses child labour(in terms of human right). Also, the position is related to my previous job and educational background

Hoe zou je in situatie X reageren?

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1. What would you describe as a challenge when working in aligning customers to a sls territory in EU vs MEA? 2. How can you make sure that telesales are not working on big customers? 3. Why is your analysis (ranking) showing a strange result for x position?

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Why do you like windsurfing?

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What do you know about Toyota?

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How will you describe your new job to your children ?

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Do you know what the logo looks like from Garnier and Elvive? Why would you work for l'oréal? What was your latest creative project?

Pourquoi avez-vous fait vos études? Qu'avez-vous appris? Comment était le travail en agence? Pourquoi quitter le monde des agence vers l'annonceur?

What animal would you compare yourself to and why?

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