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Er werd een Corporate Meeting Planner gevraagd...22 maart 2016

Q: What would your current employers say about you and your work ethic?

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Just some advice, the answer you gave was very basic & generic. To them, I'm sure they didn't feel your answer set you apart from the other candidates. You've got to remember that these hiring manager have a limited amount of time to gauge your personality & the type of employee you would be. So they're going to hang on to your every word & if they're not wowed then they'll move on. I would've maybe answered like this: They would say I'm outgoing, a team player and extremely goal oriented. I am highly motivated and work hard when I believe in what I am doing. I have shown strong performance in a similar position because I have a passion for the work.......Something along those lines. Good Luck with your job search & I hope to have provided some useful tips. -B.E. Minder

A: I said they would say I'm a great employee


What are your strengths?

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I am very team oriented, I enjoy working with other people on a project and successfully completing the task at hand is very rewarding to me. Minder

I was asked why I wanted to change jobs.

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I want to be part of a collaborative team where I can learn from others, stay up-to-date on new processes, and enjoy some comaraderie. Minder

Barrios Technology

Tell me about your strengths and weaknesses.

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Used the work I have done and accomplishments, weakness on things I was aware of and working on. Minder

Corporate Travel Management

What is one thing you have liked most about previous positions? What is one thing you have liked least about previous positions?

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Simple answer, forthright and honestly

Jones Lang LaSalle

Tell me about a time when you had to make a difficult decision?

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Provided a story from my previous work place

Mohegan Sun

Q: Do you know anything about convention services?

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A: I said " No Sir" , but I have a lot of questions. He said "ok, let me here them" and we just started having this awesome conversation about where he had worked before, what would be expected from the candidate of the position. I was informed later that afternoon - that I got the job! Minder

American Association of Airport Executive

Last question was "Describe a typical trip to the grocery store".

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I started in describing that I had a routine and a list of my go to items. As soon as I got off the phone my desire to work somewhere that would screen like this went down to zero, Even though I had a great familiarity with the organization and directly related experience. Interview was long and it was impossible to judge what they were looking for. But obviously not me. Minder

Principal Financial Group

About my past experience.

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Discussed different types of event planning I had done.


When are you available to interview?

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I replied with a date and time I was available to interview, never heard from the recruiter again, despite my phone and email follow up. Minder

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