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Er werd een Corporate Meeting Planner gevraagd...22 maart 2016

Q: What would your current employers say about you and your work ethic?

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Just some advice, the answer you gave was very basic & generic. To them, I'm sure they didn't feel your answer set you apart from the other candidates. You've got to remember that these hiring manager have a limited amount of time to gauge your personality & the type of employee you would be. So they're going to hang on to your every word & if they're not wowed then they'll move on. I would've maybe answered like this: They would say I'm outgoing, a team player and extremely goal oriented. I am highly motivated and work hard when I believe in what I am doing. I have shown strong performance in a similar position because I have a passion for the work.......Something along those lines. Good Luck with your job search & I hope to have provided some useful tips. -B.E. Minder

A: I said they would say I'm a great employee

I was asked why I wanted to change jobs.

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I want to be part of a collaborative team where I can learn from others, stay up-to-date on new processes, and enjoy some comaraderie. Minder

Principal Financial Group

About my past experience.

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Discussed different types of event planning I had done.

Darcy Partners

What does our company remind you of?

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Shark Tank.

Linux Foundation

How would you handle working remotely?

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How do you handle conflict?


They asked about special challenges that I had had, and how I had resolved them.

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I responded with accounts of particular situations and how I prepared presentations to decision makers and earned their buy-in. Minder

C2 Solutions Group

Do you think you would take this position?

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Seriously, there were no hard questions in the interview.

Pryor Learning Solutions

Tell us about yourself.

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I am a hard worker with fantastic organization skills. I work best in a fast paced environment with deadlines to meet. I enjoy working with a team and can have strong production working alone. I value family, friends, and education. Minder

Red Velvet Events

After I answered the written questions, I had a phone interview with a senior team member that was very positive and told me I was a good fit because I had so much experience. We discussed my background and how it pertained to the position. I was then transferred to another team member that gave me an online tech test on google skills and quiz on pricing of shuttle, budgets, etc... I wasn't prepared for this. As I explained every step of the way, I was a professional that has always learned new tech skills with no problem.

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I did my best with all questions. But wasn't prepared for the tech part of the interview. I was surprised how curt the interviewer was. It was obvious she had no patience. And they weren't really looking for a professional experienced team member. Rather a planner that just went through motions and did what they were told. I am repeated told how great this company is and the owner, but based on the employees I interacted with I don't think the culture there is very positive. Minder

How do you feel about Travel in the domestic United States

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How do you feel about working weekends due to travel and over seas travel.

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