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Werkgevers zoeken operations managers met de leiderschapsvaardigheden, managementvaardigheden en sociale vaardigheden die nodig zijn voor een doeltreffend beheer van dagelijkse werkzaamheden, het beoordelen van operationele kosten en nemen van beslissingen over personeel. Bereid u erop voor uw managementstijl te bespreken, evenals uw ervaring met het omgaan met conflicten en het motiveren van teams zodat deadlines worden gehaald. Bereid u daarnaast voor op het beantwoorden van vragen over operationele activiteiten, zoals de manier waarop u processen zou verbeteren teneinde de kosten omlaag te brengen. Een bachelorgraad in management of een vergelijkbaar vakgebied is vereist, waarbij een master ideaal is.

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Tips om deze drie veelgestelde sollicitatievragen voor een operations manager te beantwoorden:

Vraag 1: Welke vaardigheden zijn volgens u noodzakelijk om te kunnen slagen in deze functie?

Zo antwoordt u: Leiderschap, communicatie, snel denken en probleemoplossing zijn enkele voor de hand liggende voorbeelden. Beschrijf uw vaardigheden op dit vlak en de manier waarop u ze hebt ingezet om veranderingen te beheren en om te gaan met alle niveaus binnen de organisatie. Het is belangrijk om de nadruk te leggen op hoe succesvol u was in de functie.

Vraag 2: Noem enkele taken die u als operations manager hebt uitgevoerd?

Zo antwoordt u: Een operations manager heeft veel taken, dus kies er enkele uit uw loopbaan waarvan u vindt dat ze opvallend zijn. Voorbeelden zijn onder meer het aannemen, opleiden en leiding geven aan werknemers, toezicht houden op aanvragen voor kwaliteitsbewaking, strategische procesverbeteringen en toezicht houden op crediteuren en debiteuren. Geef prioriteit aan taken die staan vermeld in de functiebeschrijving.

Vraag 3: Hoe gaat u om met budgetplanning, stapsgewijs?

Zo antwoordt u: Hoewel dit een gedetailleerd antwoord vereist, moet u het kort houden. Beschrijf de budgetteringsmodellen die u gebruikt (statisch, nulbasis, flexibel, enz.) en hoe u deze inzet om schattingen te maken van uitgaven, verkopen, kasstromen en vervanging van activa.

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Er werd een Operations and Logistics Manager gevraagd...13 maart 2014

From the in-person panel interviews: - Uber is opening up a city remotely (i.e. Milwaukee will be operated out of Chicago). How would you make the drivers in Milwaukee feel equal to the drivers in Chicago. This was maybe the worst, most vague question of them all. - Uber drops you in a new market (i.e. Oklahoma City) and says you have two weeks until we open here - go! What do you do? - Say an Uber black car driver makes $30/ride with a 20% commission. How do you convince him to upgrade to a new made up service UberSuper with a 25% commission? What costs will the driver incur in upgrading. How much more will he have to make each week, etc. Note: it's not enough to just walk them through mentally how you'd do this, be prepared to do the math on the fly. Very annoying. - An Uber competitor opens in your city with unlimited cash capital, if you were them how would you steal Uber's customers? If you were Uber how would you convince drivers not to leave?

18 antwoorden

Antonio, Sandro - hope you guys get good luck ... check your email for some hot man-on-man adult newsletter signups. +1 No_Cheating! Minder

I confirm it is the same test... it is really hard..., thanks god I prepared before with.. try www.uber-analytical-test Minder

Anyone have any ideas on how uber makes drivers in Chicago and Milwaukee feel equal? Minder

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If I handed you a rubiks cube and told you that it had to be solved by tomorrow, how would you respond?

14 antwoorden

Anyone that asks a question of this nature is looking for a typical, corporate behind kissing answer. personally I was much more impressed with your honest answer than I would be by someone, whose nature and work ability I have no idea about, answering like someone else did on this with "You'll have it today." You could have answered with that and have not the first clue about "customer service", because it is just a brown nosing answer. To me, a good answer is honest and forthright, and I never want to just hear what the interviewee thinks I want to hear. Minder

Such questions are really stupid IMHO and I feel like punching the interviewer for asking crap like this. I don't think such questions prove anything. A person can be really good at handling situations but not respond likewise and a pretentious person can do very well in such cases but do a horrible job when hired. Please interviewers stop with such questions! Minder

If I were asked this question I would say, "You'll have it today". How you do it isn't too important, there are literally a million ways to "solve" the rubiks cube they're handing you, it's not a cube, it's any problem they need solved, just get it done as soon as you can, wouldn't you like it if you asked someone to do something & they went above & beyond? Whether it's an inter-office request or anything else, you are always either someone's customer or vendor & this is called "giving excellent customer service". This question is begging for Excellent Customer Service. Minder

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If in a room there are 10 persons and if each person has to shake hands with all other then total how many hand shakes will be there

11 antwoorden



simply formulas: n*(n-1)/2 (n-1)*(n/2)

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If u are running at 10km/hr and anothet person is running st 20km/hr then in which round u both will be at same point

11 antwoorden

No matter what size track they run on, they will meet at the starting line every two laps. Minder

With slower person's perspective, they will meet at starting point each round. Person running 10 km/hr, will complete one round, while the other person will complete two round during same time. Minder

Yes, with reference to the slower runner, they'll meet every round and with reference to the faster runner, they'll meet every alternate round. Minder

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Behavioral based questions were easy to prepare for. Amazon prefers the STAR (situation, task, action, result) method to answer. Would suggestion preparing for the math flow question. I was asked the following: You have 30 associates who all work an 8 hour day, 5 days a week. 2 need to be in indirect (non-volume producing) roles. Your direct (production) rate is 150 units per hour, but you have two 15-minute breaks during the day. How many units can your department produce in a 40 hour week?

9 antwoorden

(30 - 2) associates = 28 28 associates/hour * (8 - 0.5) hours/day * 5 days/week * 150 units = 157,500 units/week However, this assumes 100% utilization all the time and this is probably unrealistic. I would then apply a reduction to efficiency to account for unexpected delays. 157,500 units/week * 90% = 141,750 units/week ... final answer. Minder

The correct answer is 157500

This is a math question not an estimation on potential variables through sickness, breakdowns etc The answer is 157500 Minder

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There are 27 balls with one ball having additional weight. Total how many attempts you have to make to check all balls using a sisaw

10 antwoorden

3. group the 27 balls into3 groups of nine, weigh 2 of the groups. If one is heavier, continue with that group. If they are equal, continue with the unweighed group. Break those nine into 3 groups of 3, weigh 2 groups. If one is heavier, continue with that group, otherwise use the unweighed group. With the 3 left, weigh any two. If one is heavier, you have it. If they are the same, then it is the unweighed ball that is heaviest. You have used the scale 3 times Minder

3 You can guarantee the answer in 3 steps, if required. However, you no longer stand a chance of obtaining the answer in the first 2 weighings as I described immediately above. 1. Divide balls into 3 groups of 9. --> Weigh two of the groups. This will identify the heavy group. 2. Divide the identified heavy group into 3 groups of 3. --> Weigh two of the groups. This will identify the heavy group. 3. Separate the 3 balls in the heavy group and weigh. --> This comparison will identify the one heavy ball from the original group of 27. Minder

3 attempts - attempt 1 - divide 3 sections 9balls 9balls 9balls pick a section which is different in weight, attempt 2 - divide 3 sections 3balls 3balls 3 balls pick a section which is different in weight, Attempt-3- divide 3 sections 1ball 1ball 1ball pick a ball which is in different in weight Attempt 3 - Minder

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Presentation on what my plans would be within the first 90 days

9 antwoorden

Sean did not write this review. I did and I am a genuine person who had an interview with Sean. Please do not have a go or accuse Sean of writing this review. I wrote it and it was my typo. This review is a true reflection of my experience which is the reason I felt compelled to write it as my experience with the owner was professional. Minder

Another fake review. If the company was so good why did you not take the role? Hmmm Minder

Because there was too much travel to the Pand office which I could not commit to. Leave it at that. You have obviously a grievance with this employer which is between you and them. That doesn’t mean my experience would be the same. I fact it wasn’t. Not a fake review. Get over it and yourself- move and jog on pls Minder

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FedEx Ground

Name a situation where you didn't know what to do and you still were able to get the job done.

7 antwoorden

No one knows all the answers, if you don't know find someone who does. Do not leave employees waiting for an answer for too long otherwise you lose credibility. Minder

I'll ask the manager ask a supervisor or a senior from the company he knows what they're doing and I only have to be told once Minder

I would say check my work surrounding or help out a team mate

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100 drivers apply to uber to be a driver. X percent does not have city knowledge, y of them miss their screening meetings, z of them did not passed background check and can apply in 6 months etc etc.. Base on listed constraints, how many of them can start with Uber?

7 antwoorden

100-XUYUZ U= Union

Depends on the overlap...

The above answers are wrong. The answer is xUy. U=Union. You do not need city knowledge to drive for Uber. Minder

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32 qs test

6 antwoorden

can you please send the files to my id iitb.manish@gmail,com It will be great help. Thanks. Minder

Did anyone actually receive the file?

Hii, Can you please send the files to my id madhu.praveen123@gmail,com It will be great help. Thanks. Minder

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