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Air France
Er werd een Passenger Service Agent gevraagd...2 juni 2017

Why do you want to work for Air France?

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They tend to hire ideally about 10 per group and yes they drug test after the interview Minder

Is it by phone or email?

How long do they usually take to contact you after an interview?

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are you going to be okay with the hours?

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The Recruitment Department have spoken with the relevant department and a more "realistic Rota" will be used as an example in future John Lamond Minder



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ATS (Airport Terminal Services)

Are you flexible

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No, I am a full time student.

Yes i m

Yes, I am flexible


What was a difficult time at current job

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At the end

At the end

Conveyer belt broke at my job and we had to get cargo on the plane in half the time Minder

Are you a fresher in this aviation field?

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Yup..I'm fresher so but we have to gud confidance With your company

Celebi Ground Handling

What would you do if a passenger complains about a delayed flight?

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Remain calm, ask supervisors about details of the flight and reason for delay.

Firstly we find the specific reason, we consent with supervisor who handling this procedure. Minder

What is PSE in Celebi

Korean Air

what is Service ?

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Service is a valuable action to satisfy a need or fulfill a demand

rolling stone

Worldwide Flight Services

why we have to hire you?

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what is most important at work?

Because you're hiring

Air Canada

What languages do you speak/

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English, Sinhala, Tamil

English, Sinhala, Tamil

Air France

questions about what you would do with in various situations with difficult customers

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Right or wrong i would always apologize to customers

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