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Johns Hopkins Medicine
Er werd een Patient Access Manager gevraagd...12 juli 2016

Standard Situational questions

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STARS format

Eskenazi Health

How do you handle change and report it positively to your team?

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Communicate change to staff via email or meeting. Allow feedback and address accordingly Minder

Carondelet Health (MO)

If you were hired for this job, what would you do to increase the revenue of the department?

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I would change the scripting of the registrars and update their training to include how to be both personable and to word their request for co-pays, and deductibles so that the patients feel cared about but understand that the insurance company is the one who sets the amount and requires the collection. Minder

Beth Israel Lahey Health

They asked about my education and what I learned. They were also curious about my resume and past job experience.

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I told them my education and the knowledge and skill set it provided me, as well as my past work experience and how that could factor into this position. Minder

HCA Healthcare

The Director asked me more scenario type questions and the Regional Director asked me for job process questions. What i did, what I was and wasn't experienced in.

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I answered them honestly. My conversation with the Director was comfortable and free flowing. However, the Regional Director was a little cut and dry so my interview with her was probably not great. Minder

Cook Children's Health Care System

Tell me about a time you made a choice or handled a situation and later wished you could have done things differently. Tell me the outcome and what you would have changed in how you managed it.

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I answered candidly and in reflection- we determined that how I handled it was likely the best way- Some outcomes, you simply cannot change. I used an example involving coaching and mentoring a burned out staff member. Minder

UNC Health

How would I deal with difficult patients

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I would use a professional tone and ask what I could do to make them feel more comfortable and if I couldn’t help to find someone such as a nurse or manager to whatever the need was requested. Minder


What lead you to apply to Lifespan?

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Looking to relocate to the Northeast.

Hospital Sisters Health System

Are you okay with commuting to multiple locations?

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