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NCI Building Systems
Er werd een Payroll Clerk gevraagd...28 april 2017

How much will you require?

2 antwoorden

what's your budget


Seneca Foods

Why do you want the job?

3 antwoorden

To keep my mother wife and child alive and to make the child's future

It was a great pleasure to work among good people

Best future in my family

Stowe Australia

What values do you believe are necessary to succeed in business today?

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Pretty sure they want you to answer along the lines of loyalty and excellence.

Silverstein Properties

If I researched the company that I was applying for and if I knew of Silverstein Properties

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Yes, I did I researched the company and learned all of the trial and tribulations that Larry and Silverstein Properties has endured with the World Trade Center Minder

James Hamlin & Co.

Would you write several paragraphs for a handwriting analysis?

1 antwoorden

Would you take several personality assessments?


How did you hear about use?

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I found your company online.


Do you have experience in this field?

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Yes I have been working as a Payroll clerk for over 16 years.

Los Angeles County

If multiple supervisors asked you to complete different task how would you handle that situation

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I would get with my manager and ask them what is a priority to the division.

Los Angeles County

If you cant complete assigned task what would you do

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I would notify my immediate supervisor and advise them that I wont be able to complete my task so they can either assign my task to other employees or give me more time. Minder

Allegis Global Solutions

Can you explain your job description from your previous company?

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It was all about timekeeping,payroll, updating of files, and computation of final pay.. Minder

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