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Carondelet Health Network
Er werd een PBX Operator gevraagd...8 november 2015

Can you work when called at the last minute?

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Availability 24/7

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HealthCare Partners of Nevada

What don't I like about myself and what do I like about myself.

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I wish I could be more aggressive however I like being the way I am

Lakewood Regional Medical Center

none really, i was asked a second time about availability, the initial add said weekends varied shifts, which turned out to mean if you call you, we expect you to be available, this was a bit off putting, but we reached an agreement.

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i asked that I please be given at least 4 hours notice before an open shift in order to get ready Minder

Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare

Interview questions were pretty standard, what would you do in certain situations....

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Policy is always a good route to go.

Lakeview Hospital

Have you had experience with hospital codes

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No I haven't, but I'm a quick learner

HCA Florida Kendall Hospital

What would you do if you had multiple calls at once? How would you handle that?

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Prioritize based on order of calls received

Hawks Cay Resort

What do you know about Hawks Cay?

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Look on the website and just say everything that you see.

St. Francis Hospital

How much experience did I have

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,more than 20 years

Calcasieu Parish Police Jury

Why do I want to work for Lake Charles Memorial Hospital?

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I honestly told them that I just need the job.

Palace Station

Have your worked in this position before?

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