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University of Houston System
Er werd een Petroleum Engineering gevraagd...29 november 2016

asked what my experience was in the industry.

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And i stated all my previous experiences

University of Houston System

there asked what hours i'd prefer

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I didn't have any job so i told them any time.


Tell me about a time where something happened in a team and you wished you could change the outcome.

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Tell me something that is not on your resume / What does success look like to you? Minder


why BP? Why are you a good fit?

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Referred to my skillset, their values and projects they were currently involved in which interested me. Minder

Netherland Sewell & Associates

They asked what was my worst quality.

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I said my self confidence.


Tell us about a time when you had to convince someone to do something

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I discussed my experience working in projects and focalizing the vision of the group. Minder

5. Rate the following: My ideal job opportunity:a) earn money b) learn more c) work with people you like

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learn more- My ideal job opportunity- work with people you like -earn money

Total E&P Indonesie

One of the most difficult question was when they asked about the chemical composition of the hydrocarbon in reservoir, meanwhile my educational background is mechanical engineering.

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Why do you want to work with us?

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Worldwide company and well side rights


He asked if I ever encountered any problems while holding my leadership position and how I overcame them.

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I explained that I would assemble a team meeting and as a team we would dissect the problem at hand and we all provided our input on the best possible way to overcome the issue. Minder

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