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Er werd een Planning Engineer gevraagd...7 december 2020

How many years experience

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9 years

Yes 👍

9 years instrument and automation field and good knowledge

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Padmini Decor

what is the volume of 1 cement bag?std size of bricks?what is the current rate of 1bag cement,bricks,sand?qty estimation of 1 bhk home to be answered in 5 min.which cement to be used for under water works or ther may be water leekage?

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1) vol. of cement bag=50kg/bag 2)std size of brick=19*9*9 cm Nominal size= 20*10*10 cm 3)rate of cement =300-350 rs per bag Rate of brick=7-8 rs per brick Rate of sand = 2000-2500rs per ton 4)PPC- Portland Pozzolana Cement is used for under water structures and there may be a chance of little leakage 5)Qty estimation of 1bhk house : 37 m * Earth work excavation =39.6 m^3 *foundation concrete =11.32m^3 *sand Filling=14.8 m^3 *size stone masonry =21.7m^3 *DPC =10.92m^2 *mosaic flooring =35.64m^2 *inside plastering (12mm) =108.4m^2 *no. of bricks for 1m^3= 500 numbers *cement required for 2.5m^3 cemet mortar=14 bags *Sand required for 2.5m^3 of cement mortar =2.78m^3 Minder

50kg or 1.735 volume 9*9*19 cm Rs.350 cement 1 mud brick 7 rupees 1 tipper sand 23,000 20 lakh OPC cement Minder

0.0347m3, 19×9×9, 300-350, as per market rate , and bricks are as per ton square feet ,Portland cement Minder

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General Motors (GM)

Brain Teaser: you have 7 seemingly identical looking balls, only 1 is slightly lighter than the other 6. You are given a scale. How can you find the 1 lighter ball is you are only allowed to use the scale twice.

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pick 3 random balls on one side of the scale, pick 3 more to put on the other end. if scale equals, the 1 unpicked ball is the lighter one. if one side is lighter than the other one, the lighter ball is among them. take 1 random ball out of 3 to put on one side the scale, put another on the other get it by now. Minder

can we not pick 2 on each side?

Add one ball to the scale at a time continuously . The lighter ball will show a slight difference at the scale when you adding up the weight. Like if the first ball is 12g, then adding the next one will be 24, 36, etc and the one that was slightly off will be the lighter one. I think this count as using the scale once because I use it continuously Minder

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Wolters Kluwer

In an environment of layoffs and restructuring, how do you keep your team motivated?

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Be open and honest if their roles are in jeopardy. Understand their concerns and answer their questions as best you can. If you do not know, say so. Keep them busy, and involved in important work. Minder

Mo on g ok ok lfNikki

Stay positive, and focus on the work at hand. Keeping busy on important work helps people realize what they are doing is important. An ideal mind is the devil's.... well, you know the old saying. Be sure the physical environment is welcoming. In summer, raise the blinds, clean the common areas of papers and clutter. You will be amazed how much better things look when you take 10 short minutes a day to make the physical environment look better. The sun is out, blue skies, and maybe it's not so bad here. Let people vent. If you are not holding 1-on-1 meetings, then start. Hear people out. Be honest about what you can talk about. Don't sugar coat anything, but give those more junior to you some context and a bigger view. Sure some people will be laid off, but most will remain. Opportunity to do different things will become available. Sure you will work harder, but you will learn, growth, and build your reputation for having a level head in complex times. Lastly, have a plan. Know what you will do as a manager if you have to layoff 1,2 or 3 people. Know how the work will move around. This will allow you act quickly and decisively should things come to that. Having a manager who looks in charge because they already thought it through will go a long way. Minder

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How Effectively the resources can be controlled using primavera......

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We can be controlled resource we will Extend the project duration or else allow Ot available resources , Minder

My cell no :+918981101271

I have started explaining the process from scratch and they were happy.


your qualities for which you should be hired for the position.

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Will divide the work in team to lessen the pressure

Bcoz m a daydreamer ,so i think planning shouldn’t be a hardship.

Have delivered in pressure situations


Tell abt urself

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I am nafis ibrar frome india but now in Qatar continue work i have 3 years electrical engineering diploma Education complete after continue work have experience Minder

I am work in india electrical maintenance department Tata steel my near this plant Minder

Briefly explained

Boys & Girls Clubs of America

What experiences will you bring to this internship?

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activity planning, student management techniques, reward system

activity planning, student management, data tracking

Communication skills, fundraising experiences, networking skills, personable, approachable. Minder


Why advertising? (I'm not a marketing major)

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how long after the in person did it take them to extend an offer?

Roughly 7-10 days if I remember correctly.

Okay, I'm still waiting to hear back. I applied at the Detroit office too and my in person was last Monday. My app still says "under review". Fingers crossed! Thanks for the response though Minder


Why do you choose to work for Petrofac knowing that you are already working for a big construction company CCC.

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As a good learner, I want to work in your company for developing my skill in all environment and get camouflaged to the current systems. Minder

Hi i have 9 years Experience in planing looking a Job

I'm looking for a self development programme.

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