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Er werd een QA Test Lead gevraagd...27 april 2019

Question based on Selenium and QTP

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May I know the organization culture and employee orientation of sensory ?

Are they use latest tools set for testing as they asked in interview ?

Is hr policies are in favour of employee

Bold Commerce

Not really a difficult question, but they want to know what you are interested in outside of work.

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Describe your hobbies and aspirations etc.

My interest outside of work are: outdoors sports, hockey , cross-country skiing , reading, taking aviation courses online , spend time with my family , friends and collogues from work. Minder

My hobbies and interest are , build aircraft scale models, aviation literature , travelling, photography, outdoors activities and much more. Minder


"What would be the first priority to test in a GUI application?". There is not enough information in the question to answer that. Too vague.

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I pre-interviewed for Java and SQL, and had no clue what he was talking about. Poor communication and wires crossed. Minder

Top priorities are most severely rated defects and those defects with no work around Minder

I guess the answer should be something like this: most complicated (most likely to be faulty) and with most buisness impact should go first. then should go complicated or with high business impact then goes the rest. Then you'll chat about how do you tell if business impact is high or feature is complicated Minder


What would you do if management asks you to approve a release with critical defects?

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No, We should not release the application with critical defects. Make sure the management team how the impact of the critical defects in the application without fixing and quality of the product not guaranteed. Minder

Decline to release and ask if I can have time to fix the defects


1. Was more about the test strategy and automation. 2. Screening my profile with basic question around my experience and roles and tools.

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1. When any candidate submit a solution they should come back with review. I posted all automation solution to google drive and shared with three CA people. None of them sent me any feedback about the technical solution that I submitted. 2. Second round was technical - I assumed that they would gothrough my solution and ask quesitons around that. But strange thing is 30 mins back before interview the interviewer asked for the google drive permission. Later they did';nt ask any quesiton around that. Note : The way I solved the problem was in-detail and these guys did;nt get what I have submitted. In my solution added. end to end automation approach for WebUI and API and thoughts that we can implement further by a.Instanbul code coverage. b.CircleCI integration c. Parallel test wich cypress d. percy snapshot testing. e. Postman neman integration f. load test with K6 I even went ahead and crashed the server as well. No one noticed and they did'nt even acknowledge. End of the day What I understood is that the interview panel is not technical. they did'nt get what i am saying. There QA tech stack is not great. Basically they dont need too much technical QA guys. Thanks Minder

I had the same experience, they did not bother to look at the solution shared ! Was very disrespectful when i had put so much effort to do the task they did not even look ! Minder

Promethean World

8 balls 1 is heavier than the rest. You can weight the balls 2 times how do you find the heavier ball.

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Weigh 3 on one side and 3 on the other if one side tilts weigh two balls if there is a tilt you know the ball no tilt its the one you left out. Minder

Step I: Pick 6 balls and weigh them 3 on each side. Step II: 1. If the balls balance each other, then weigh the remaining two balls and the heavier one will tilt the balance on its side. 2. If the balls do not balance each other, then the heavier ball should be one of the three balls on the side the balance tilts. From these three balls, discard one of them and choose the other two to weigh. If the two balls balance each other, then the heavier one is discarded third balls. Else the heavier one will tilt the balance on its side. Minder


How would you debug the following newly discovered bug on a prototype tablet device?

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Can you elaborate in detail please

I asked questions about the specific nature of the bug (How was it discovered, was it a regression, etc..) and then went through various software and hardware bisection strategies. Minder


There are three people in a room (say a,b,c) and they draws x,y,z salaries respectively. They wanted to find out the average of their salaries without others knowing their salaries (for ex: a's salary should not be revealed to b,c ..). How can they find out. Note: There is No one else. Only these three people

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Let A type x + his salary where x can be any positive or negative number known to him/her. B can add her/his salary to it. C will add her/his salary to it. Then A subtracts x from it and divides it by 3. It will give average without anybody knowing others salary. Minder

Cover the top of a calculator (the display) with masking tape then let each person type in there salaries. Divide by 3. Remove the tap. Minder


What would a co-worker you have difficulties with say about you?

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We can be friendly, but we are not friends.


They grill you with complete SDLC process and then try to know your strength which matches the requirement. In my case the second level of Interview was on Penetration testing

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The concepts should be clear and as I was having experience in Penetration testing so was able to answer Minder

Hi, Can you please tell me how much time they took to release the offer?

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