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Radisson Hotels Americas
Er werd een Regional Director gevraagd...9 juli 2015

Tell me why you are the right person for this job?

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Yes' I'm working good job

I hope your give me this Job

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Family Dollar Stores

They asked about my experience with inventory shortage and involvement with internal theft cases.

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Yes at the 1355 S Sheridan Store Back in 2007

I spoke about my historical results.

Johnson & Johnson

What I haven't asked you that I should know about you!

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Top strengths

Precisely about what has been the most unexpected situation I've encountered in my career and what I learned from it. Minder

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

ethnicity and it was optional

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Requests for self identification are not part of the hiring process at the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. Minder


what are your strengths?

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I believe in my self and my hard work is my strength



How much control do you need or expect?

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If you hire the right people, provide clear and concise targets, coach and develop for success and hold people accountable, your need for control should be minimal. I prefer to empower my people. Which is lot more hard work in the beginning, but a lot easier further down the road. Minder

That would depend on the collaboration of the teams I'm working with and their skill sets. Minder

Homes for Independent Living

What was your greatest strength and weakness?

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I pointed to my experiences and was honest about past challenges and how I have worked to overcome those weaknesses. Minder

My greatest strength is the confidence l derive in way I carry out my daily duties in caring for the elderly passionately . My weakness is my emotional state of mind from a long term client at the final "End of Life". at a certain period of time. Minder


"Sell me this pen."

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This is hilarious. Should've told the interviewer you also enjoyed Wolf of Wall Street. Minder

Seriously, they asked this question. I almost laughed in front of the interviewer as I figured he was joking, but he really wanted me to sell him a freaking pen. This would (somehow) show I had sales skills. Okay. Besides that, the interviewer spent half the interview time explaining how he had worked at ADP for 5+ years and he was really good at managing. Total ego trip. Couldn't get out of the room fast enough! Minder


(for this you need to understand that Panduit sells mostly pieces and parts, but thinks of itself as a solutions provider): How would you position Panduit's solutions in the financial services industry space?

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When I first interviewed with Panduit, I was asked one single question -- Have you ever danced with the Devil by the pale moonlight? That was the defining moment...... Minder

Panduit wants to hear that you can sell value, not sell on price. You should tell them you're willing to walk away from a sale before you'd undermine your own pricing system in a given region or industry. Minder

Jacaruso Enterprises

Who is someone who's inspired you?

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