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Gold Eagle
Er werd een Senior Buyer - Packaging gevraagd...18 juli 2017

How long have I worked in Purchasing?

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~4 years

I will have to say that this review is farther from the truth. I have worked directly with that HR person and the experience described above is not accurate. This person is dedicated, energetic, and a pleasure to work with. She is by far one of the best individual's I have worked with in any job. I would highly recommend her for any job based on her professionalism and willingness to go above and beyond. Such strong assets as this do not come along very often and I am happy to have met such a wonderful and dedicated individual. Minder

RedPoint Advertising

Why have you beed a media buyer for 10+ years?

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I love what I do and I love helping out clients grow their business.

Sony Electronics

What is the live expectancy of an injection mold?

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With Sony does not matter since products are totally redesigned every year.


bonus structure

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they explained it well

J. C. Penney

What was your most challenging part of your previous ? Why do you want to come to work for JCP? What did you leave your last job?

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Ecommerce was the most challenging part of my job. The family culture at JCP.

Rich Products

Why we should hire you?

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Because I can give a great value to the company by applying all my knowledge in the categories and we can improve the purchasing process. Minder


Are you going to be available for the whole length of the contract?

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Yes, because I want the opportunity to stay on full time.

UNC Charlotte

How much procurement experience I have working with construction and facilities management.

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I let them know my experience with specific projects I have done in my procurement career. Minder


Are you overqualified for this position. Will things here be too slow for you?

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Answered no. I said I felt that I could still learn from this company and my colleagues. Minder

Jaguar Land Rover

What head winds would effect your negotiation leverage?

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Various topical take outs from recent reported news and industry knowledge

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