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Hill International
Er werd een Senior Design Manager gevraagd...4 december 2023

Expectativas salariales y experiencia laboral

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Respondí que dependía de si tenían un paquete de expatriado con familia


I honestly can't remember what the asked.


Tell me about a time when you had to design something difficult for a client.


I was asked how I handle difficult team members or colleagues who do not handle change very well.

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I described that I would try and understand why they felt that way (e.g., Did s/he have a difficult role in the past) and then I would choose my words wisely and empathize with that person(s). Minder


How did you manage digital change in your previous companies?

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Detail the relevant experience in your resume which highlight this topic. The interview with HR was alright Minder


What is your leadership style?

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I walk them through my five believes as a UX leader


How to design a spillway to pass the flood

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Describing the codal provision, results of model study & approach of design.


Odd broad questions and nothing specific to the role: ie. What kind of opportunity are you looking for in your next role?

the LEGO Group

A lot of questions, and I also got to ask a lot of questions. About personality and the more technical aspect of both my profile and Lego


Focus on entrepreneurship and ability to create systems on your own.

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