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Anadarko Petroleum
Er werd een Senior Reservoir Engineer gevraagd...3 juni 2009

Give some examples of recent innovations?

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Easy to answer


why I believe I should be a chosen candidate for the position

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I have all the skills and qualifications including computer literacy that the company is seeking and also I have the experience and comfortable working with diverse populations and socio-economic groups and will work to maximize company profits. Minder

Anadarko Petroleum

What was my management style?

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I should have clarified what the interviewer meant by style


How do you approach a person who disagree with you?

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First I realize that It was only a technical disagreement, it was not personal, and my relationship was only professional. Second, I talked to that person to make sure that I understood properly his arguments, and if I am wrong I would admit that in fact I am and immediately I would rectify. Minder

Baker Hughes

Do you know our tools?

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Yes, I do. 3dex


Reserves classification, P1, P2, P3 vs 1P, 2P and 3P

Occidental Petroleum

Your contributions to the job or project on your resume

JX Nippon Oil & Gas Exploration Corporation

1) What kind of contributions you can bring to the company ? 2) How did you communicate challenges to senior management ? 3) How would you describe that you are a good team player ?

Eni Spa

overall technical questions physics


Standard procedure, talk about experience on the job and how that related to the job description which I was interviewing for. No trick questions.

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