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Enco Engineers Combine
Er werd een Supply Chain Engineer gevraagd...21 maart 2019

The questions are basically Logical and quantitative aptitude, behavioral, and few technical.

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I tried to give all the answers, but they basically see the approach to solve even if the answer is wrong but the should be good. Minder


First round interview was online core

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Simple and easy..


Describe one problem that you encountered while you're working at a cross-disciplinary environment.

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What did you answered them?

Ryder System

Tell me a situation where you had to handle a JERK ?

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I am always uncomfortable answering such type of behavioral questions.

Seagate Technology

Mostly asked about my project

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I gave the overview of the entire project and challenges that I faced


Name a time when you were creative in solving a problem

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I analyzed data in a way that had never been done before

Bank of America

How the whole ERP system works on which you worked.

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After all the interview sessions it took 2 weeks for the HR to revert me back or could go longer. Minder

Cisco Systems

What frequencies does WiFi operate in?

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2.4Ghz, 5Ghz, and now 6Ghz( on new routers).

Marks & Spencer

Why should we hire you when there are other candidates more qualified?

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I have experience with another retailer and have project managed another supply chain project within another department. I can learn and be moulded into position. Minder


What do you know about us? What are you expecting from your next role? What job will make you happy ? Describe a challenge that you faced in your previous experience? What excites you about this particular role?

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All the questions were pretty straightforward and I answered them according to my experience. Minder

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