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Er werd een Supply Chain gevraagd...22 januari 2017

Tell us about a time that you were challenged and how did you deal with the the conflict?

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Sorry for negatively voting, I meant to scroll down and now I can't take it back. Minder

Selling alcohol something that I’ve done my whole life I can describe pronounce describe brewing methods types of fermentation different types of yields different types of climate different types of soil different types of harps I’ve done it my whole life Minder

I often vacation in Saint Martin and I really like the fan again that they serve down there Minder

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What is your 30, 60, 90-day plan if you receive the offer?

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The essay is very general and not at all technical. They want to test how you form your sentences and how much you pay attention to details (number if sentences, topic, etc). It's very easy. Minder

Some samples can really be helpful

Hello, The test is basic math and English. If you can add and subtract using a calculator you will be fine for the math portion. English portion has listening where there will be someone reading a short story and you have to answer questions relating to it. There is a reading portion where several questions are asked based on a short passage. There are some vocabulary questions. If you've had previous experience in similar company you can easily answer them. Finally a writing portion where you will have to write a few lines on a given topic. Good luck! Minder

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How can you benefit from pepsico offering you ?

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I am looking for quality expereince in the supply chain field and yall are the best to get it. Minder

Quality experience is most important

Taste good and it’s everywhere

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UPS Supply Chain Solutions

Why should we hire you instead of the next person?

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With reference my work experience I satisfy all the requirements for this job and I am sincere with my work and I would never let you down in anyway, I promise you will never regret for the decision to appoint me in your organisation Minder

I am honest and self motivated and hardworking man with positive attitude towards my career and my life Minder

According to me I am a good learner and I always keep in learning stage and I already handled different situation and I can work with team for betterment Minder

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Bunzl Distribution USA

Are you OK with presenting in front of leadership?

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Maple Leaf Foods

Give a situation where you can justify bending a rule?

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A rule should only be be bent if the food or an assolciate is at risk. otherewise never.... Minder

in all reality all rules are there for a reason and none should be bent not in the slightest . i may be bias due to my experioence as a health and safety rep. Minder

The only reason I see to bent a rule, is that the rule is illegal itself, and this is a really unlikely situation. Minder

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Why do you want this job?/ Why do you think you will be good in this role?

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It has been an interest and seems challenging.

I have been in the flooring business for the last 28 years but they are closing. I dont like to change jobs but now l have no choose.that being said im wonting to try something new in life. Well i be good at this role . i would like to think i would be. I would never know if not giving a chance Minder

Because my guru told me whatever you do in your field you give your 100% effort in your work and that's why what ever work you give me to do this I give my 100% effort to do this work , that's why I suitable for this work or for all work. Minder

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Tell me about a time when you worked in a team.

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This answer should focus on the R part or CAR

i luv to serve the customer and to work with my ko worker.and to be honest to the company Minder

I'm hardworking and honest to my company share my capabilities to do with my job


Sell me each individual part of this pen. The springs, the ink, all of it. Tell me why I should buy it those parts from you.

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blah blah blah i want to suck your .....

Write you name on this paper. Oh, you don't have a pen? Well, with these parts combined you got one, and i can sell them to you. Minder


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Tell me about yourself. Why are you interested in Tesla?

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I work at tesla gigas factory in Austin texas. Is an amazing experience. I work on the rear subframe. Minder

I work at Tesla gigas factory in Austin TX, in the rear subframe. Is a awesome experience. Minder

No reason really really enjoy doing security where it very active people to talk to Minder

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