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Er werd een Patient Care Technician gevraagd...8 december 2016

It was a lot of behavioral based questions. Ex: tell me about a time where you were in competition with a co worker. Tell me about a time where you had to take on more responsibility than what was in your job description

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When I had to take more responsibility than what was in my job description was when we were short handed at the clinic and I took over as the front desk and also helped triage patients before being seen by the doctor Minder

Be on time in order to fulfill

I have to take make sure the patient comfortable that my responsibility

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MG Properties Group

the basic stuff experience etc

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just regular answers



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Konica Minolta Business Solutions

If you were hired, where would you want your office to be?

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I get an office? Sweet! Seriously, though, I'd want it to be near others who work on the same type of projects I do, so I can help and be helped accordingly. Minder

next door to the boss

Doesn't matter. My cubicle has always been Seat 10A on United Airlines...

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Dialysis Clinic Inc

What do you need in a supervisor in order to succeed?

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Further the goal of the organization

The best of their ability and policies

I am very interested on the job

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The Home Depot


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No experience

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How many computer desktop you can assemble in 1 day with out an Operating System?

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30 to 50 unit no operating system if hardware is complete and ready to assemble

20 or 30

20 or 30

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Johnson Controls

Why do you want to work here?

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Yes I'm ready

Your company very very good

This is company All fecility

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How would you deal with telling a customer no?

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The. Customer is always right. I would assist the customer look for the item and after not finding the item I would have the department Manager check in the back and then offer substitutions. If that is unacceptable I would check nearby Kroger’s. Minder

I wouldn't tell them no bluntly, I would understand their request and then talk to the nurse in charge, telling them what the patient thinks he/she might need. Minder

Well, you never say "no" to a customer. I would just offer alternative solutions. Example, if they want fresh peaches and we don’t have them, offer the frozen ones or maybe even canned ones? Minder

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Describe a time you had to work with someone you didnt get along with? Name a time you were able to offer a product or service to help the customer? Safety.

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Stayed friendly with that person by being helpful.

Spoke with management about the issue and then simply had to work on being extra polite and courteous each and every day, remembering that we are both imperfect and doing my best to be understanding, as well as make sure to set boundaries. Minder

Am I interviewing?

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What you will do with rude customer

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Try and calm them down...Calmly Apologize for how they are feeling, let them know you are trying yo help listen to their concerns ie..what they are angry about, not the tone of their voice or the flowery words used around their explanation and at that point address the's either going to be one of 3's something you can help them's something they or you will need to seek managerial advise/approval or its a no...then calmly explain as much as you'd like to be able to do that you can't and offer what you can do...and give them the choice of if they will accept whatever it is you are offering or not.. then go on with life from there....never ever get loud or irate back to the customer. are representin the company. ...if they continue to escalate...ask them please do not speak to me like that. And if they continue to do so let them know you do not have to tolerate abuse and you will either leave or they will need to leave and come back when they are calner or that you will hang up if they continue in that matter. Then proceed accordingly...leave, hang security or the police if they wont stop and won't leave Minder

There's nothing you can do after this point. Hr told me it's all about when they have enough people to start training etc etc. i applied April 12, had my interview may 12, received the good emails and still nothing yet Minder

Same with me I'm waiting since 26 of May , so this email about the good news mean at least you guarantee for sure you being selected and it's all matters of time?? Minder

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