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Er werd een Senior Vice President gevraagd...26 augustus 2012

What was your last job in the Army

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my last job

in the army is 6 months mision in the HQ RS first pritection in the base


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Don't you think George Bush set this country up for failure?

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I think this question was also innappropriate.

You could consider it a test of argumentation capability. In this case say exactly that, then give arguments both in favor and against. If the follow up question comes "Well what is your opinion, then?", say that you do have one, and you are willing to give it, but not in the context of an application interview, since this is inappropriate question in the given context. Minder

wow...not an appropriate question i believe

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North 6th Agency

How will you make us a better company?

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I ensure to hold myself accountable; you will get 100% of me every day. I have consistently built my portfolio year over year and my clients, vendors, and direct reports don’t hesitate to follow me. Although I have ensured to develop my technical skills, I also recognize the importance of listening, being present, and creating a trusted environment. Minder

This was an interesting question. The CEO prefaced it by saying that the company only hires "pro positives" or "net positives" (can't remember the phrase) and people who will make the company better at this stage. He was much less concerned with my resume and experience and more interested in my philosophy and energy. I have been in communications for 20+ years and will say that I have only met a few people who genuinely inspired me the way the CEO did. I am still actively interviewing and just came in for the first round, which is why I chose "no" below for the offer question. Minder


Many questions were asked about my leadership style

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Servant leader, lead by example, demonstrate empathy, but hold people accountable Minder

Working shoulder to shoulder I provide coaching and feedback for development and success. Minder

JPMorgan Chase & Co

Least favorite task

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Managing people

JPMorgan Chase & Co

Most successful project

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Able to extract savings in excess of 50 million

ABM Industries

When/where did you go to High School?

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I was in a "lose/lose" situation; answer the question and reveal my age (old but not dead!), or refuse and lose out anyway. I opted to answer, but in hindsight I should have tried answering with "the recruiter has already vetted me via a background check; she can confirm all this detailed stuff with you" and offer that it might be more productive in our limited time to discuss how I can help his company. Might not have worked, but would have been a better try. Minder

ABM HR in one of the Ky job sites is a joke.....Just be glad you didn't interview there. Their HR guy is one of the good ole boys. You get a job depending on who you know. Be glad you didn't get the job, because the site I'm referring to allows certain operation managers to treat project managers dirty and do underhanded things and get away with it. Minder


Describe your ideal career opportunity, providing specifics about what you do and do not want in that opportunity.

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I want to have the freedom to be who I am and contribute at the level I am capable of contributing without being hand-held and controlled by my leadership. I require a high-trust environment built on kindness and mutual respect. Minder

What I could contribute to the success of the company

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MY knowledge and experience will be invaluable

The Center for Reproductive Rights

Competency based questions to gauge technical and people skills

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Practical situations you have dealt with in the past ; what your role was; what you did what you achieved or what you learned and how you will apply that learning Minder

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