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Intera Talent Hacking
Er werd een Junior Tech Recruiter gevraagd...13 juli 2021

Por que vc quer fazer aprte do time?

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Eu falei da minha trajetoria e que estava alinhado

Conta Simples

Me conte mais sobre você.

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Comentei das minhas experiências e expectativas futuras.


What's your current situation? Why do you want to leave? What salary are you looking for

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My question to the interviewer seeing I have 12 years experience why would you arrange a call knowing you can only offer £20,000? Minder


We have a transportation System in Mountain View for 25000 employees that consists of buses transporting employees to the campus and bikes within a campus to safe the time. You task is to analyze the system and report weather its: 1) perfect 2) useless 3) increase the volume 4) decrease the volume

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I was quite messing up. Just replied that I need to get input data from those who are using it focus on efectivity (location of a bus stops). There will be number of those who don´t use it as all and number of those who would rather like to work from home or driving their own car. From those who remain, we should efectively put together in one bus those who work in a same team so they can already have a meeting (stand-up) in a bus. But without a proper data from the survey I am not able to give the outcome (even though it was expected). Minder

Frank Recruitment Group

We have people here who are starving for success..are you hungry for success and ambitious enough?

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(Red flag here) Of course I am


What’s the greatest super power you have?

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Like a champ

Iteris Consultoria e Software

Conhecimento de Tecnologia mobile iOS e android

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Conhecimento teórico, minha formação é psicologia e não TI


General Tell me about a time ''....'' based on the leadership principles. The questions were kind of repetitive and I felt 5 rounds did not make much sense for having monotonous discussions.

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Strong preparation with relevant examples for the LPs is recommended


Describe a time you had a candidate respond to an offer like this (EXAMPLE A) or this (EXAMPLE B) and what did you do or say.

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Went through a the hiring manager's hypotheticals and drew from past examples/situations Minder

Toolbox for HR

Questions about the background, sourcing skills...

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Good :)

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