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Er werd een Technical Support Representative gevraagd...3 juni 2015

Past job experience how would u handle difficult customer

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Did you get hired on the spot?

No after face to face interview they waited a day later and contacted me and offered the position where I had to do my paper work at the Dallas location Minder

Oh ok I just had my interview last week was told I would be given a call two days later but it's been about 4 days now ...any advice for me? Minder

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Tell me about a time where you had a hard time working with a team member(s). Can be in work or outside of work.

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I used an outside of work example at my university where I took charge of a sloppily organized team. While I was obviously unhappy about hauling the entire project, I explained that was the only way to get the project done at the deadline since they refused to communicate. Minder

That first answer was the biggest BS I have ever heard hero. I would not have hired your egotistical self. Minder

That's why you work in a call center. Btw.

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Cox Communications

Whether I was willing to work evenings and weekends

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Planted review

"For a new hire I would suggest just be confident in your abilities and be outgoing." So I should be the type of person with "tons of management and supervisory experience" that bluffs their way through how much they really know, takes credit for others work or deflects blame by pointing their finger at someone else if there's a problem? Or someone that constantly plants themselves in every organization photo so everyone will think they're the star of the organization and have a lot of friends/connections? Minder


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West Technology Group

Basic questions like why you quit your prev job and job description.

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Answered accordingly

Unstability of the company, most of people are resigning after few months only. Frequent turnover rate. Even high officials are resigning Minder

Liaise with consultant, suppliers to comply client technical requirements, manage technical warranty claims, testing and commissioning, provide technical drawing, specification, simulation and calculation to support technical and sales activity, do engineering design works and technical sales design and after sales review, do feasible study and support compliance and business development team Minder

Cox Communications

STAR format questions Tell me about a time...... Be specific Technical Support Questions; if customer called in and said internet was not working properly on laptop what's the first thing you would tell him to do?

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I would have the customer make sure the power is on the modem and router. You wouldnt believe how many people call with tech issue and the only prob was the power was off or device was unplugged. Minder

Ask him to check for a wifi hard switch and try toggling the fn WIFI key if available. Have him look in the system tray to see if there's any information to be had. Minder

Tell customer to check another device to compare the signal.


Why are manhole covers round?

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A round manhole cover cannot fall through its circular opening, whereas a square manhole cover could fall in if it were inserted diagonally in the hole. Circular covers don't need to be rotated or precisely aligned when placing them on the opening. A round manhole cover is easily moved and rolled. Minder

I answered the question, but found it irrelevant to the job description.

so what would be the possible answer? :)


What are the three main wires to a modem?

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Lol I answered with the power wire, Ethernet wire, and the wire that goes in the wall, I have the face to face interview next Minder

Power cord Ethernet cable coaxial cable

I answered with, I have no idea. Seriously.

Shaw Communications

How would you handle a customer who called in and complained that a Technician was supposed to be at their house for 10am but never showed up?

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Said i'd Apologize, try to calm them down. Tell them i'd see if i can find out what the issue is. Minder

I will say sorry first, for the inconvenience Shaw had bring to him/her. Then I will ask for more details of the case. Promise the customer that I will trace the case for him/her and update him/her afterwards. Minder


What is the difference between a router and a firewall?

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I explained the fundamental differences between the two.

A router is a layer 3 device used to route packets from one subnet to the other. It makes a logical decision based on the destination ip address of the host. A firewall on the otherhand is used to protect a network from unwanted intrusion into a system. they use ids and ips for the protection of the network. it is usually placed before the private network to protect the internsl equipments. Minder


How many pianos in SF? Explain how to tie shoes over the phone. Build out a database and flow for a consultant company What do these graphs/charts mean to you?

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Make sure you focus on the database aspect of the consultant question, don't worry about the workflows. They didn't explain it well at all, but they want to see your database knowledge. Minder

what sort of consultant company?

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