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Straumann Group
Er werd een Territory Account Manager gevraagd...30 maart 2017

how do you prioritize when there's no prioritization possible

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That is difficult question. If haven't prioritization. I will show my Talent. How they expect workers to do work. I will do it. Minder

follow my own gut

That is difficult question. If haven't prioritization. I will show my Talent. How they expect workers to do work. I will do it. Minder

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Tata Capital

what is your dream.

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salery 5 digit

To grow as lead

My dreams is grow my career and full fill my other dreams.

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Bharti Airtel

Are You desperate for Job ?

3 antwoorden

No. I am interested for Telecom Job

i am work at telecom job.

market main halla macha dena hai

CONMED Corporation

Would you do anything for this job? Would you drive 6 hours after a fulls day's work and be ready for another full day's work at 7:00 a.m.?

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Yes. Everything during an interview process is a test. I cannot tell you how many times I have been sent emails that they had a spot come up last minute. They are testing how important the opportunity is to you. It isn't despiration, it is understanding what they are looking for. Minder


Nestlé Purina U.S.

Describe your last 3 jobs and why you left.

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The company had lost several products in the pipe line and the ability to promote them, so the sales force needed to be rightsized. Minder

Worked seasonal for Geodis as a picker the last two seasons

Retired after 28 years ( dec 3015) as an exclusive agent marketing retirement plans, insurance ( life and personal property) Minder

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Bharti Airtel

Define yourself in 2 Words.

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2 ▼ My name is vivek kumar dixit i belongs to Lucknow i persuing bachelor from lucknow university. and my interest is Good customer handling, and Good communication skill. Minder

I am Manoj Tiwari interested to take challenges in pharma marketing having a huge experience of 25 plus year. I believe in team work and I have expertise to motivate my people so that they were fruitful for organisation Minder

My name is piyush kumar singh i belongs to varanasi i persuing pgdm from iilm ahl lucknow. and my interest is Good customer handling, and Good communication skill. Minder

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Bharti Airtel

Tell me about yourself

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My name,Family background... hobbies

I am Sachin, I m belong from maharashtra, I m 32 years old, I m passionate, visionary. Have wonderful & challengeable 12 years exp in telcom sales & service. Coming back to my educational background my highest qualification is graduating, currently I am persuing MBA in marketing. Coming back to my family back ground I have 2 siblings. Minder

Well crafted, smooth and fruitful

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Larsen & Toubro

If you wish d world is yours

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work get every success

I will value each and Avery person and understand them there values also.


What is your biggest weakness?

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what was your story

I said I had a difficult time relying on others because of the company I was working with at the time. My coworkers werent responsible and werent held accountable either. Since then, Ive left my old company and started with a company, not Altria. Met a few people that used to work for them and didnt have nice things to say. Make sure you really want to work for them. If not, look into a more reputable, rewarding, socially accepted company like Hershey's! Minder

Don't b.s. here.. they will call you out. After I answered the question truthfully they thanked me for not using a cliche response and stated that they call people out when they do so. Minder

Reynolds American

Are you Mobile?

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Did you end up getting an offer for fishers or Brownsburg? Or are they making you move. I’m from Indianapolis as well and this are the two I applied for. Minder

^I applied for Indianapolis West side and that is the position I received. Although they want me to relocate closer to downtown, it doesn't seem that is absolutely necessary. Minder

They couldn't really describe well what this meant (they read off a sheet). I believe they mean are you willing to move, which is a big deal for them. After you get the territory manager role, you can get promoted to TM 1, 2, and 3. After 3 you get promoted to account manager and I think they expect you to move. So always say yes. Minder

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