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Fabric Innovations
Er werd een Junior Textile Designer gevraagd...28 april 2017

Would you be interested in Creating textile designs for the hospitality Design world instead of the fashion industry?

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Yes, it is essentially the same.

Be prepared to prove to be highly proficient with Adobe Photoshop, and Illustrator in regards to creating art, color separations, proper repeat, and modification.

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Strong presence in the fashion industry among client's buyers. Print presence high in a lot of storefront windows throughout the US. Minder

- Questions about past working experience/portfolio - Design approach - Current market trend

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As i have a knowledge about home furnishing designing and I have made so many bedding collections also using different surface techniques according to different themes and trend forecasts. Minder

Woolworths (South Africa)

Describing the brand styles, what prints or colours you would use for a collection. They ask if you understand their brand values.

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I did my research before hand regarding their brand look and feel.

West Elm

Complete a project based off of what is missing from the west elm collection

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Creating designs

J. C. Penney

Why J C Penney?

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Why not, it's one of the biggest department stores in the country with vast opportunities for growth and education about the industry. Minder


Tell me a little about yourself?

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I told them about my education background and my experience.

What would you like to get from this internship ?

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gained valuable knowledge of working in a fashion environment and gained experience of running a business in addition to expectations of a textile designer Minder

J. C. Penney

Why did I want to work at JCPenney?

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I saw the position, read the description and I knew I could add value to the business. Besides, you're a well establish business, who wouldn't like to be part of such an opportunity and be a warrior to the organization? I couldn't resist to the challenge. Minder

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