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Veena World
Er werd een Assistant Tour Manager gevraagd...18 mei 2020

What will you do to entertain the guests?

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Playing Games and more activities

Get to know the guests respectfully.. Will ask likes and dislikes and try to align them with the itinerary. And state fun facts and get them excited Minder

I would greet guest how I can help you

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Kesari Tours Pvt

How would you try to entertain the tourists?

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Why do you choose Kesari?

Would probably give information about the place we are visiting , play indor bus games , crack jokes Minder

EIL Intercultural Learning

If I were to take a group down Patrick Street in Cork, what would I point out to them?

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I mentioned the English Market, Cork's downtown reviatlisation, the Lee River, UCC, etc Minder


How do you handle employee issues?

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Privately and by first asking the employee what happened.

Mosaic Sales Solutions

Standard. Can you, have you, why should we... Have you lead? Have you driven a large vehicle....which type? Have you managed big and for how long? Why do you think that you are the best fit for this role? What makes you stand out?

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I can, I have, You should because. I an experienced....showcase background. I am enthusiastic (insert smile) and you should because you're going to want to impress the client with someone who can get the job done effectively...etc etc Minder


what would you do if one of your clients gets badly injured - for example breaks their leg during a crazy night out, at about 3am. where are you and what do you do?

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stay calm. if you are home in bed (allowed if it's 3am), you can't be out all the time. but you stay calm, ask where they are. immediately go to assess the situation. if you suspect it's a serious injury like a broken leg you obviously call for emergency services - you never treat the client as you are not a doctor - but you should know the emergency contact and be able to solve it. don't move the client, don't give them anything like a painkiller or even water. wait for the emergency services. then accompany them to the hospital taking their paperwork with you - such as insurance information or passport details etc. help the client and be there for them. not forgetting the group in the hotel and your departure in the morning, if this injured client is not able to join you the tour must go on - can't inconvenience 50 people for the sake of one drunken injury. supply details about next destination and ensure client is clear and understands how to follow to rejoin the tour. Minder

Tell us about a time you went above and beyond on the job.

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Theo Chocolate

four interviews, including a full take home assignment. no offer and a candy bar kiss off

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nine page presentation

US Army Corps of Engineers

Why didn't you want to stay and become the Technical Section Leader at your previous job?

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That position/assignment just didn't work out. I had requested to be assigned to another plant that needed an electrical engineer, they would not transfer me. Minder

Diamond Tours

Do you know what we do?

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Read their website and describe their tours.

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