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Er werd een Assistant Vice President Business Development gevraagd...14 augustus 2018

Write a cold email for the lead we find for them 😒

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I got the same task. Should I invest my time in identifying leads and give it to them in charity? Minder

They give you a case study which you have to evaluate. You need to spend at least 4hrs ( if you are taking the case study seriously) Minder

That's really smart way to generate leads though. I sent my assignment yesterday. I hope it's useful to them. Minder

Shindig Company

That market research company own that publication?

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So you only have sold to the CMO at these media companies? Well, we sell to a different area and I don't think the CMO will refer you to the correct contact we need. "Like I said he is crazy!!" Minder

so the "administrator " writes a post in answer to your interview review in October wanting to talk about your lame interview ...five month later?? what a joke - they must be very desperate... hope you found yourself a good job!! Minder

Guideline Central

How do you get your sales leads?

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Mix of internet searches, Linkedin, phone directories and contact management services Minder

Allegiance Capital


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perfectly ,i got hired


How would you contribute meaningful revenue within the first year? Be specific.

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You have to know the sub-prime and prepaid GPR market/environment, trends, business model and apply your knowledge of partnerships and acquisition to answer this question. Minder

Singula Decisions

How are you going to do the job, action plan.

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Hd a business plan ready.

Day & Zimmermann

What executives do you in the industry do you know?

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Provide names and contacts. DZ will call them to verify.

Quanergy Solutions

How do you handle .....challenges?

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What are the key to improve conversion ratio.....?

Rue Gilt Groupe

very standard. mostly about meeting with different division heads to see if you are a "good fit for the culture" very much about culture"

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personal. work, hard, play hard team effort.


Where do you see publishing going in the future

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Need to find links with social cues to get people "addicted" to content.

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