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The Trump Organization
Er werd een Vice President Design and Development gevraagd...28 oktober 2015

Leadership, experience in license agreement projects (hotel, residential, mixed use) internationally and domestically.

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Great experience in leading projects, team and Owners in developing a luxury brands throughout the world. Minder


Describe what you would like next role to be.

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One where I can work cross functionally to create products and services that delight consumers. To build, grow, and mentor, a best in class teams that that delivers top experiences for our customers and grows our business by design. To be able to have a seat at the table setting strategy, vision, Innovation, and principals across all of our product channels. Minder


How far are you from the office?

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About 15 minutes, 20 if there is traffic...


What kind of jobs have you been applying to, what have you been doing?

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Well, I was recruited by 3 firms for this role; We think I am a great fit. I was laid off, its been rough during this pandemic. A lot of us have been in tough times. Minder


I am trying to understand if you have the technical skills, ~ please describe a complete end-to-end project you were in change of.

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Well, I was the creative and art director of a software company both on the product side and the marketing side. And, I built end-to-end 5+ websites / ecosystems (Desktop, mobile, social drivers) for fortune 10 companies, not to mention the apps and software packs I have been apart of... Also and more to the point, the proprietary medical apps, TV commercials and national go-to-market strategy pieces I was the sole contributor on. Minder


General questions about work history.


Workflow questions and social fit questions


Q: Describe a time when you built something for a group.

PVH Corp.

background , appetite to mice , skills set leadership style

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