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Sollicitatiegesprekken bij Oracle in Vilvoorde /  HV: Redwood City, CA

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Sollicitatiegesprekken bij IQVIA in Vilvoorde /  HV: Durham, NC

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Sollicitatiegesprekken bij G4S in Vilvoorde /  HV: London, UK

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Is er een project waar je heel trots op bent en waarom?

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Hoe handelde jij in dat project?

They asked weather I was interested in fashion, even if my job position had nothing to do with fashion.

Wat was jouw functie in het project?

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The tests were pathetic: all of them were of the kind written by students who have just learned the basics of the language. Very poorly formatted. Very poor identifiers. Not at all realistic or representative of real-life commercial code. The questions were multiple choice like "Does this compile?", "What will be the output?". All those "Does this compile?" questions are completely pointless since every modern IDE will tell you instantly whether the program compiles or not. The tests assumed that people write Java in Notepad. It was clear to me that Nexios themselves have zero understanding of the Java test they are asking candidates to do. It was clearly a test suite they licensed from a (very low quality) external supplier. Conclusion: typical clueless recruiting firm.

General discussions with HR employees

What was your weakness strengths? What was a rough situation at work and how did you solve it? Tell me about yourself. What are your skills How are your analytical skills Was there any time at your work where you have to delegate people.

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Pourquoi devrions-nous vous faire confiance ?

Quelle est la première chose à faire lors d'un rdv avec un médecin?

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