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86% Aanbevelen bij een kennis
VMware Chief Executive Officer  Raghu Raghuram
80% Waardeert directeur
Aanbevelen bij een kennis
Waardeert directeur
VMware Chief Executive Officer  Raghu Raghuram
Raghu Raghuram
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Bijgewerkt op 29 sep. 2023

    1. 2,0
      13 sep. 2023
      Sales Development Representative (SDR)
      Huidige werknemer, meer dan 3 jaar
      Boston, MA
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      Benefits are awesome. Pays pretty decent for the role. If you’re a remote employee, it can be a little more difficult to get your foot off the ground but a lot of flexibility.


      Some of the management shows extreme favoritism. They micromanage, and they don’t like remote employees. I’m only speaking for Cloud health and not VMWare. There is a closet racist at the helm of Cloud health. They are very abusive when you don’t hit your numbers and start to micromanage you they promote their friends and they all hang out together. If you’re in the Boston office, management are friends people leave with an a days notice, and you never know why they give their friends the best territories and then make it your fault that your territory is not the best even though data shows that that territory needs to be white spaced overall good company but if you’re a biopic, not the best place. Unnecessary meetings, and gaslighting when you express concerns.

      1. 3,0
        26 sep. 2023
        Marketing Manager
        Voormalige werknemer, meer dan 3 jaar
        Austin, TX
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        Mostly very smart people who are passionate about their work. Excellent products you can get behind. And, they are generous with salaries & benefits.


        Leadership is a 2-headed monster, both driving change and resisting it at the same time. I'm not normally a fan of corporate reorgs, but this place needs one. You can't drive change in the kind of decentralized organization they have built, which makes working there a pretty big exercise in banging your head against the wall. Plus, the politics are intense, and it is nearly impossible to get a promotion there. It was fun for a while, then it wasn't - your experience really depends on who's in your management chain.

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